Wi Beams are the ideal alternative to traditional windposts for block walls. Using simple internal reinforcement within uniquely designed trough blocks the Wi Beams maximise masonry wall strength without adversely impacting on its appearance. Wi Beams can replace both windposts and lintels considerably improving site safety.  

Key benefits
  • Effective alternative to windposts
  • Reduces costs by eliminating movement joints and fire-boarding
  • Eliminates the need for head fixings
  • Can strengthen the wall and replace lintels at the same time
  • Significantly improved site safety
  • Improved aesthetic appearance of walls
  • 4 hours fire rated – no need for fire boarding
  • All standardised components
  • Up to 23.6% carbon reduction
  • Flexibility to make last minute changes
  • Standard block thicknesses, no projections.
Wi Beam Installation Video