The Wi System is a deceptively simple, yet extremely versatile alternative to traditional windposts and lintels.  It is a method of providing structural support to masonry panels subject to lateral load and can allow the uninterrupted construction of “oversize” blockwork walls with unrestrained lengths of 11m and heights of 7m.

Hollow column and trough blocks allow the construction of integral reinforced concrete columns and beams within the blockwork construction, which eliminate the need for traditional windposts or lintels. This novel approach leads to significant improvements in the structural, acoustic, air permeability and fire resistance performance of the wall panels compared with the use of traditional windposts or lintels. The Wi System also indisputably leads to the most aesthetic finished appearance of structural blockwork walls.

Key benefits
  • Effective replacement for windposts and lintels
  • Improved architectural and aesthetic appearance of walls
  • 4 hours fire rated – no need for fire boarding
  • All standardised components
  • Up to 23.6% carbon reduction
  • Flexibility to make last minute changes
  • Standard block thicknesses, no projections.
Wi System Installation Video