Wi System Design Program

Ask any structural engineer who has to design windposts and they will invariably say that “they are the bane of my life”!  Well, we have developed a state-of-the-art FREE design program which will allow engineers to design and justify Wi Columns and Beams in a couple of minutes, max!  This can include combinations of barrier and wind loads – what other program, or approach will allow you to do that…..Design Program

Design Program

The Program is intended to function as a design aid to accelerate the assessment of Wi Columns and Beams subject to lateral loading.  As such, it relieves designers of tedious repetitive calculations that would otherwise need to be carried out by hand and other non-dedicated software analysis methods.

The basis of the assessment method is described within the accompanying Manual and the LUCIDEON (CERAM) report: Design Guide for Masonry Reinforced by Bond Beams and Columns to Resist Lateral Loading, September 2014, which can be downloaded here.

As well as standard wind loading, the Program is capable of modelling barrier panel loading and handrail line loading, which can be quite complex to assess normally.  The Excel spreadsheet-based Program has a deceptively simple user interface, which has data entry and outputs on just a single page.  Literally within a couple of minutes, a designer can justify a Wi Column or Beam, whereas an equivalent windpost could easily take half an hour to design even for an experienced engineer.


  • Designs Wi Columns and Wi Beams

  • A clear and easy to read output (all on a single page)

  • Option to select between Standard (45deg yield lines) and Conservative design approach

  • Loading includes: lateral wind UDL, barrier panel UDL, handrail line load

  • Single or Doubled elements for additional strength

  • Various construction types: Free Edge; Free Edge Line Load and Standard

  • Live diagrams that help understand scenario being designed

  • Design is in accordance with Eurocode  EC6 (EN 1996-1-1: 2005 + UK National Annex)

The Program was compiled by Damian Janicki of www.YourSpreadsheets.co.uk, in conjunction with Wembley Innovation. Accordingly, the Program is subject  to copyright protection and no reverse-engineering, decompiling or disassembling is allowed. Please refer to additional notes and limitations within the Author tab of the Program.

User Manual

An accompanying User Manual is available which describes step-by-step the design process for Wi Columns and Beams.  Nine full examples are also included which cover most day-to-day cases.

Download the Program v1.4 here

Download the User Manual v 1.2 here

Download the Design Guide here