We have been delivering the Wi System as a solution for projects requiring masonry support throughout the UK. Our client base includes some of the country’s leading Construction firms, Engineers and Architects. Here’s what they had to say:

Smart Crosby

“We believe that the Wi System will be the predominant method of strengthening masonry panels in the future.”

BAM Construction

“A great improvement in the productivity of block laying where it is not handicapped by the installation of windposts and working around them. We would look to use the Wi System wherever practical.”


“It’s just a simple system of ordinary old blocks and rebar with a few bespoke connectors, yet the testing shows that it’s ridiculously strong”

London Underground

“The Wi System will be extolled to the extent that anything else may be rejected. Watch this space!”

Buro Happold

“The Wi System made perfect sense for the complicated masonry walls on the 2012 Aquatics Centre. The Olympic Delivery Authority’s ‘Innovation Champion’ loved it!”

Kier Major Projects

“We are convinced that the Wi System was the only solution for this engineering project.”


“Wembley Innovation now has major blockwork manufacturers biting [its] hand off to produce and market the system under their own name”

Construction News

“Thanks to an innovative brickwork reinforcement method from London specialist brickies, Pyramid Builders, bays of up to 12 metres in length can be built without windposts or expansion joints, helping to slash costs.”