The first external defence for brick and block cavity walls against rainwater ingress, coping stones have followed a common design principle for many years.

The problem with Copings

Coping stones predominantly fail at mortar joints or due to the deterioration of the damp proof course. This has been a fundamental weakness in allowing water to attack the structure below.

The patented Wi Coping System is a revolutionary solution that addresses these issues.

The result of rigorous design and testing, the Wi Coping System combines unique design features to control and divert rainwater flow and keep it from damaging the supporting masonry wall. In addition, with water harvesting a key component of modern sustainable building design, the features of the Wi Coping System also allow rainwater to be channelled and collected as part of a larger site water management system.

How the Wi Coping works

By entirely removing the need for traditional mortar joints (bringing direct material cost savings), the Wi Coping System uses double channelled male/female interlocking joints. With a curved top surface, the stones capture rainwater and channel it to the carefully profiled joints and onto integrated stainless steel strips on the underside of the coping stone. These strips allow the water to drip to the ground or into a collection system without coming into contact with the surface of the supporting brick or blockwork.

The Wi Coping System can be installed with or without jointing compound, depending on whether the intention is simply to divert rainwater or to harvest it for future use. In either case the System no longer requires the damp proof membrane, offering significant material cost savings, reduced maintenance costs and actual build time.