Company History

Wembley Innovation originated from our MD’s drive to overcome the difficulties of installing steel windposts within masonry construction on large projects where hundreds and even thousands of posts were required.  He intuitively knew that there must be a better way of providing structural support to laterally loaded blockwork panels than using structural steel sections, or proprietary stainless steel windposts.  Working with his bricklayers, he developed a simple and elegant method of creating reinforced masonry columns and beams which provide the necessary structural support to masonry panels, without any of the downsides that steel windposts involve.

However, to gain acceptance by the industry, the methods needed to be justifiable in terms of design and construction.  This led to a 9 year process of formal testing of components and full-scale walls at the world-renowned CERAM laboratories near Stoke-on-Trent.  With the collaboration of respected independent consultants Buro Happold and Jenkins and Potter, CERAM and Wembley Innovation have developed a Design Guide for the Wi Columns and Beams, which is compliant with Eurocode 6.

As a result of the research and development programmes, the Wi products and methods have been awarded several UK and worldwide patents, with numerous others at advanced pending stage, thereby providing intellectual property protection. For more information please see our Patent Page.

About Us
Wembley Innovation provides innovative masonry solutions to the construction industry through our three “C”s : Create, Challenge and Construct.
Our aim is to create novel solutions, challenge outdated thinking and to construct masonry in a better way
The Future

Currently, the Wi System is being utilised on a number of projects within the UK as Engineers and Architects recognise the benefits that the System can offer over traditional windpost designs.

Fundamental to this future is a binding commitment to ensure that the products and systems we develop will offer ever increasing performance benefits in the areas of sustainability, BREEAM energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our future will see Wembley Innovation continue to target the development of new and innovative construction systems that will offer architects and design engineers greater aesthetic and technical flexibility.


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