Wembley Innovation is a privately-owned construction products company that sells the Wi System range of patented products, which include:

  • Wi Column
  • Wi Beam
  • Wi Trough Lintel

These bespoke products replace traditional windposts and lintels and offer significant benefits over conventional construction approaches.

We aim to create and deliver the highest quality products, based on rigorous testing and excellent engineering back-up.



Based on the comprehensive R&D work carried out, the Wi System was launched as a viable alternative to windposts.

Here are some of the milestones in our history.

December 2018 – Wi Trough Lintel Testing

Load tests on the Wi Trough Lintels were carried out at CERAM laboratories. Following the successful tests and subsequent analyses, the Wi Trough Lintel design capacities were increased threefold. Uprated load tables were issued to assist designers.

December 2017 – Further Product Testing

Additional full-scale load tests on the Wi Column and Wi Beams were carried out at CERAM laboratories.

October 2017 – Battersea Power Station

Commenced full design and supply of Wi System and Wi Slot Block on the original power station building.

January 2015 – August 2019

Following rigorous technical review and approval by Crossrail and London Overground, the Wi System has been adopted in large infrastructure projects across London: Liverpool Street Crossrail Station, Farringdon Crossrail Station, Bond Street Crossrail Station, London Bridge Station, Northern Line Extension – Nine Elms Station, Northern Line Extension – Battersea Station, Bank Station.

September 2014

The Wi System Design Guide was updated to incorporate the latest Eurocode 6 amendments.  The Wi System Design Program was also launched.

November 2013

A new Wi System Design Guide was published in accordance with Eurocode 6.

June 2013

Further testing at CERAM was undertaken to investigate the possibility of achieving enhanced rotational restraint connection between a Wi column and the adjacent masonry panels . The results were successful and thereby allows an increase in the design lengths of restrained panels. Patent applications for this tie were filed.

July 2012

The London Olympic’s flagship venue, the Aquatics Centre was revealed to the world. The Wi System was used extensively within the design so that large wall panels could be built without structural concrete and steel columns restricting the placement of M&E equipment.

February 2012

37 Patents, Trademarks or copyrights  were approved or pending in the following countries: United Kingdom, European Community, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Click here to see details of our latest Patents.

December 2011 – RIBA Product Selector

Wembley Innovation was featured for the first time in the RIBA Product Selector publication (RPS Nr 26752). This identified our windpost and concrete lintel replacement products, Wi Column & Wi Beam System.

October 2011 – Wi Beam shelf angle test success

Wembley Innovation carried out testing to ascertain the suitability and capacity of the Wi Beam System for carrying a masonry shelf angle, loaded with brickwork and a lateral wind load. The results were positive, and will lead to the further development of the Wi System to provide a complete cavity-wall support solution.

July 2011 – 7 metre Wi Column test a success

Further tests of the Wi Column to a height of 7 metres were conducted at the CERAM laboratory in Stoke on Trent. The structural performance of the Wi Columns was assessed under positive wind loading. Both the columns successfully passed the loading test showing no signs of distress or cracking.

March 2011 – Wi System adopted for the Olympic Aquatics Centre

Working closely with design consultants, Zaha Hadid and the project engineers, Arup, the Aquatics Centre benefited significantly from a combination of the Wi Column and Wi Beam System to achieve the required lateral wall stability.

The Wi System eliminated 1,100 windposts and 372 lintels whilst also benefiting acoustic and fire protection performance, stabilising part-height walls, maximising flexibility for service penetrations and providing a single substrate for the extensive tiled areas.

July 2010 – 8th International Masonry Conference 2010 in Dresden

On 4 July 2010, Professor Geoff Edgell from CERAM presented the final paper on the Wi System to the attendees of the 8th International Masonry Conference held in Dresden. The Wi System testing and developments were closely followed by a number of leading international masonry design experts and the presentation of this final paper highlighted the structural capabilities of the Wi System.

May 2010 – Wi System Design Guide

Following the conclusion of the initial phase of Wi Column and Wi Beam testing at CERAM (former Lucideon), the results were tabulated and reviewed by CERAM, Buro Happold, Jenkins & Potter and Wembley Innovation to enable a comprehensive Wi System Design Guide.