The Wi System is a deceptively simple, yet extremely versatile alternative to traditional windposts and lintels.  It is a method of providing structural support to masonry panels subject to lateral load and can allow the uninterrupted construction of “oversize” blockwork walls with unrestrained lengths of 11m and heights of 8m.

Hollow column and trough blocks allow the construction of integral reinforced concrete columns and beams within the blockwork construction, which eliminate the need for traditional windposts or lintels. This novel approach leads to significant improvements in the structural, acoustic, air permeability and fire resistance performance of the wall panels compared with the use of traditional windposts or lintels. The Wi System also indisputably leads to the most aesthetic finished appearance of structural blockwork walls.

Compliant with BS 5628 and Eurocode 6, fully tested and approved by CERAM, the Wi System is a real revolution in blockwork construction.


  • 20%+ construction cost saving vs windposts for overall wall construction
  • 48hr delivery to site from placement of order
  • 4hr fire rated – no need for expensive fire boarding or paint treatments
  • Improved aesthetics, air permeability, acoustics and thermal performance
  • Provides maximum versatility during design and construction
  • Service penetrations easily accommodated, issues eliminated
  • CDM Regulations design obligations – eliminates high-risk handling operations
  • Up to 23.6% Carbon Reduction – can be used toward BREEAM points


Installation of the Wi System is very straight forward and can be easily achieved by a competent bricklayer.

Click on the adjacent video to see how simple this is.

We also provide full installation training for operatives and supervisors, free of charge – please contact us to arrange, just call 0208 903 4527


The number of Wi Columns required depends on the location of the wall, its height, length, width and any exposure to wind, or internal pressure.

A windpost/Wi Column would normally be designed by a structural engineer. To relieve designers of tedious repetitive calculations we have developed a free design program intended to function as a design aid to accelerate the assessment of Wi Columns subject to lateral loading. Architects and engineers please click here for more information relating to design and detailing.


Wi Columns are an elegantly simple, quick and intuitive alternative to traditional windposts. They improve aesthetics, air permeability, acoustics and thermal performance, providing maximum versatility during design/construction. High-risk handling operations are completely eliminated, so is the need for expensive secondary fire boarding or paint treatments. Our Wi Columns are 4-hour fire rated.

Drag the cursor to see differences

Drag the cursor to see differences



The Wi System is currently available to all mainland parts of England, Wales and Scotland.

Our standard delivery is usually 48 hours.

For prices and delivery charges please contact us.

Wembley Innovation are the sole suppliers of the Wi System, please contact us to make an order.

Please call 0208 903 4527 or email office@wembleyinnovation.co.uk