As a result of the research and development programmes, the Wi products and methods have been awarded several UK and worldwide patents, with numerous others at advanced pending stage, thereby providing intellectual property protection. The patents cover a range of products, components and techniques covering the creation of reinforced concrete members within the blockwork construction.

Community Design Registrations

“Wi Column”, “Slot Block”, “U-Block”, “Wi Beam and the “Wi” device are registered Community trade marks of Wembley Innovation Ltd.

The Wi Beam / Wi Column building system and its components are the subject of a number of Community design registrations (CDRs), patents and patent applications, including CDRs 00881263-0001 to 0005, 000992136-0001, 002391136-0001, 0002 and 001126635-0001

UK & European Patents

UK & European patents nos. 2440531, 2442543, 2469272, 2485397 and 2509149, 2250323, 2054563, 2313575, 2935715

International Patents

International patents Australia: 2007280305, 2009254997, 2013366093, New Zealand: 575214, 590165, 708518, USA: 12/309795, 9523194, Canada: 2659536, 2726735, 2892704